Jump Week and Op Rummy III - 1st Reports

Jump Week and Op Rummy III - 1st Reports

Four new members of Pathfinder qualify for their Dutch Military jump wings. Op Rummy III a success.
At the first jump course run by Pathfinder Group in Holland for 2008 four new members of Pathfinder Ireland successfully qualified for the Dutch Military 'B' jump wings.

For the first time the course was run at the Dutch National Parachute Centre in Teuge and the consensus was that the decision to run the course here instead of Texel was a good choice.

Operation Rummy III also proved to be a big success. At first it didn't look like the drop would go ahead. The standbys and cancels were given one after the other due to the strong winds on the dropzone of 12kts, gusting to 18kts. At the last possible moment the wind died down and all suited up and boarded the aircraft for the jump at Elspeet.

At 1300hrs the door bundle was dropped at 500ft to commemorate the equipment drops that were made in this area during the 1940-45 war years. After that the aircraft climbed to jump altitude the 6 jumpers left the aircraft, all dressed in Allied WW2 uniform. After that the aircraft did another short climb and the jumpmaster and cameraman got out last.

This event was widely reported in the local media and Pathfinder's participation was well received.

Further reports on the course week and Op Rummy will follow soon.


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