A non-commercial site run by a member of Pathfinder Parachute Group. The site has a very comprehensive collection of Military Sniper Insignia from around the World and is well worth a visit for anyone interested in this subject.

Pathfinder Parachute Group UK
The Parachute Association of Ireland
Pathfinder Parachute Group UKPathfinder Parachute Group is a UK based club with international branches dedicated to promoting round canopy parachuting and commemorating historical airborne jumps such as Arnhem & Normandy.
The Parachute Association of Ireland promotes safe skydiving in Ireland by providing training, ratings and competions.

European Paratroopers Association
JCS Adventures
European ParatroopersWebsite of the EPA.An Italian based jump group offering courses and events that are open to Pathfinder members.
JCS AdventuresAn adventure activity company run by a member of Pathfinder. If you're looking for an adrenaline rush JCS Adventures can organise it!

The Irish Aviation Authority
Organisation of National Ex-Servicemen and Women.
The statutory body for regulating avaition & parachuting in Ireland.

Antonov Foundation
Paracentrum Teuge
Antonov FoundationWebsite for the Antonov Foundation which maintains the Antonov used in Teuge by Pathfinder.
The Dutch National Parachute Centre where Pathfinder Group conducts it's courses in the Netherlands.
Irish Parachute Club
Irish Parachute ClubThe website of our home Drop Zone, located in Clonbullogue, County Offaly, Ireland.  

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