FAQ's Pathfinder Parachute Group Ireland FAQ's Pathfinder Parachute Group Ireland Here you will find answers to some questions you may have about Pathfinder / Pathfinder Ireland. If you feel any questions should be added Contact Us.

How much does it cost to become a member of Pathfinder?

Annual membership fees are EUR 33.00.

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Can I jump round parachutes in Ireland?

Yes. However you must be qualified from an approved course to jump round canopies here.

We are working towards running basic round parachute courses in Ireland by 2012.

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Does Pathfinder jump in Ireland?

Yes, as an organisation we currently jump in Ireland.

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I'm a police officer / retired from the Defence Forces, can I join?


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How much does the basic course in Holland cost?

Pathfinder can book the course, and accommodation for you. The rest (flights, etc...) is up to you. There's a discount if you book course and accommodation together. A deposit must be paid when booking.


Jump Course: 400 EUR (includes 5 jumps, ground training, kit hire, third party insurance).

EUR 18 per night (B&B).

Flights to Amsterdam Schipol:
EUR 90 - 130 (Aer Lingus price 2011)

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What's the story with parachuting insurance?

For the basic course third party insurance is included. This means that if you damage something that you are covered. You are advised to take out personla injury insurance. People completing jumps after their 5 there (e.g. on a refresher course) are advised to buy personal liability / personal injury insurance. Sports Cover Direct, an online company, provide such insurance.

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What is the weight limit for jumping with Pathfinder?

The maximum weight limit for jumping with Pathfinder at the courses in Teuge, Holland, is 110 Kg (17 St). This should be in proportion to your height. The weight limit was previously 95kg (15 Stone) however this was increased due to the type of parachute now used which allows for a slower descent.

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I'm in the Irish Defence Forces, can I wear foreign wings I earn through Pathfinder on my uniform?

At this time foreign jump wings cannot be worn on IDF uniform.

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Can I wear my own Irish Defence Forces uniform on Pathfinder Courses / Events? / What should I wear?

Members of the Defence Forces are not allowed to wear their uniform outside of Ireland without permission. This is covered by the various Defence Forces Regulations. Members are required to wear plain, unmarked DPM's, green / black jumpsuit / period uniform (e.g. 1944 uniform) at Pathfinder Jump courses / events. Pathfinder Ireland have adopted their own jump uniform for more information click here.

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What is Military Parachuting all about?

For an Introduction to Military Parachuting Click Here.

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What kind of aircraft do Pathfinder jump from?

We jump from many types of aircraft. For training we usually jump from the Antonov AN-2, the Cessna C-208 'Caravan', & Pilatus Porter. For commemorative jumps we also use the Dakota C-47. From time to time it is possible to jump from other types of aircraft including helicopters and large military aircraft like the C-130 Hercules.

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What type of parachutes does Pathfinder jump with?

At most courses and events we jump with static line round military parachutes. We have recently started acquiring MC1-1C Manoeuvrable Troop Parachutes (steerable rounds) with T10-R and/or MIRPS reserves for use at our courses and events. These were adopted to cut injury rates and provide a more enjoyable jump and have proven very successful. In the past we have used different types of round parachutes including the PX mark 4, GQ's and others. At some events and courses we use Square ram air canopies, both static line and freefall types. These are generally used for drops on smaller dropzones where round canopies are unsuitable, or on specialised courses.

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What are the chances of getting injured?

People do get injured in parachuting from time to time. With round canopies most of these are ankle injuries. The injury rate in Pathfinder has been substantially reduced since the adoption of the MC1-1C parachute. By carrying out correct landing drills the chances of being injured are minimal.

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Are Pathfinder Historical Re-Enactors

Pathfinder do not consider itself a re-enactment group. At certain commemorations (e.g. Arnhem) members wear historic uniform but this is only for the duration of the jump.
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