Pathfinder Parachute Group Ireland - Jump Uniform Pathfinder Parachute Group Ireland - Jump UniformWhile doing jump courses, practice jumps etc. you are expected to wear military type uniform. Our recommended uniform / dress for Pathfinder Ireland members is illustrated and explained below. This pattern was chosen as it is a neutral central european pattern. It is comfortable and practical for parachuting (i.e. does not have any potential snag points for rigging lines etc...).

The uniform can be bought at www.asmc.de
Notes on the Uniform
  • The only insignia which should be worn is the Pathfinder insignia / flash and jump wings.
  • The Pathfinder Ireland insignia / flash should be worn on the left shoulder with the top 1.5cm below the centre of the epaulette.
  • Jump wings should be worn centred above the space for the nametag, with no gap between them and the nametag.
  • Rank insignia should not be worn on the uniform.
  • The recommended T-shirt to wear is a bottle green T-shirt.
  • Name tags / tapes in olive green may we worn if so desired.
  • You may also wear a blood group tag / tape on the uniform if so desired. This should be worn on the left arm 1.5cm below the bottom the Pathfinder insignia / flash.
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  • They should be high military type combat boots with rubber soles.
  • They should have good high ankle support.
  • Boots worn should not contain any hooks or potential snag points.
  • They should not have steel toes.
  • If you are looking for a pair of suitable boots we recommend standard British Army surplus combat boots. They can be obtained quite cheaply.
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  • The recommended head-dress to be worn is a cap matching the pattern of the uniform.
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You may wear your own helmet if it is safe for parachuting. Civilian jump helmets are provided on our courses. However if you wish to jump any of our commemorative or special jumps you must have your own military jump helmet.
  • It should have a good supportive chin strap and fixing at the back of the head and have a good liner inside, and be comfortable.
  • The cover should be of a similar camouflage pattern to the uniform.
  • There should be no snag points on the helmet.
  • The standard British Mark 6 kevlar combat helmet is suitable. These can be obtained as surplus quite cheaply.
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Kevlar Helmet


We don't normally require you to wear goggles on jumps.
  • If you wear glasses or contact lenses you should wear them.
  • They are a requirement on HAHO (High Altitude High Opening) jumps, HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) / freefall jumps.
  • These may be bought / loaned at most parachute training centres.
  • Ballistic goggles may also be worn.
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Gloves are not a requirement for most jumps.
  • Gloves are a requirement for night jumps, HAHO jumps and some HALO / freefall jumps.
  • We reccommend thin gloves which provide good finger dexterity. Fingerless are suitable.
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Warm Clothing
  • For normal jumps dress as the weather dictates.
  • For HAHO, night jumps, HALO / freefall, thermals are recommended.
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