Joining - Pathfinder Ireland We are always on the look out for new members to Pathfinder. Membership is open to military personnel (serving and ex) Police Officers and civilians with an interest in military style parachuting. To jump with Pathfinder on round canopy parachute events it is necessary to be a member and complete their course (in Holland) to ensure standards.

Our Statement to Prospective Members.
As Pathfinder is an international association you will be meeting with people, from all different parts of the world, and from many different countries armed forces.

We, in Pathfinder Ireland, remind all our members that at Pathfinder events they are representing their country, and that the highest standards of conduct and respect towards other nationalities must be maintained.

Membership Requirements

  • Irish citizen or currently residing in Ireland (North or South).
  • Medical declaration (signed by your GP) stating you are fit to parachute. Maximum weight is 110Kg for the course. (In proportion to your height)
  • No criminal record.
  • You must be prepared to jump out of perfectly good aircraft.
  • You must enjoy yourself on our events. That's an order!
Interested? Apply for our membership form by clicking on this link.

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