NEWSLETTER - June 2010

Irish Parachute Club Boogie 2010 - August bank Holiday Weekend

It's looking like this will be held from 29 July - 2 August, possibly longer.

We're definitely going to be jumping there for this.

They normally bring in better aircraft than usual. For us the Skyvan is best. This allows a stand-up ramp exit. This aircraft has yet to be confirmed.

Currently we had five mains / reserves between us.

The intention is to put out sticks of five over DZ Kestrel (aka the Bog).

Please read the link below for info on what you need to have to jump with us at the Irish Parachute Club. 

Jumping Rounds in Ireland

Dublin Drinks - Early July

Planning for early July. Debrief on the Normandy Jumps / April Course etc...

Will be held in O'Neills on Suffolk Street as usual.

Date will be confirmed.

Salute Show - 28 / 29 August

August 28/29 at the National Show Grounds, Swords.

We're going to try and put together a better stand this year.

If anyone knows where we can get a mannequin (male) for free / cheap, not a blow up doll, let us know.

Parachute Packing Training 

We're intending to hold this on a non jumping day showing all the ins and outs of this. It will be held in Dublin.

Date / Location to be confirmed (Before IPC Boogie hopefully).

We have put together a Packing Aide. This is to help make things clearer for everyone.

T Shirts / Crests

We have a new stock of T Shirts and Crests in. The website address is embroidered on the back on these.

Crests: 10 Euros; T Shirts: 20 Euros. All proceeds go to the club kit fund.



Brian, Henry, Owen & Stewart jumped in Normandy. Two of the jumps were with the Liberty Jump Team. The other was with Pathfinder. The best jump was the Pathfinder one, at 850 Feet and a low pass to remember by the pilot. Pictures to follow.