Hi Folks, 

I'll get all the money matters out of the way first.

Now that the jump season for 2013 has begun I'd like to remind any of our members whose membership has lapsed to give some thought to renewing for another year as membership renewal is due every Janaury.

I have deliberately held off putting out a renewal notice for membership as I understand that in these recessionary times money is tight for everyone but our membership fee is reasonable at 32.00 for one year.

This fee entitles you to partake in all Pathfinder Group special jumps such as Arnhem and all Pathfinder jump courses. Unfortunately if you are not up to date regarding membership you cannot put yourself forward for any future Pathfinder Group jump events.

None of what you pay as membership goes into our own pockets, it goes to the club. However Eu8.00 goes to the main group, Pathfinder Parachute Group, to help defray administration costs, purchase jump equipment etc.

If you are not in a position to renew your membership, or DO NOT wish to, please let me know.

You can renew your membership via PayPal with a credit card, you do not need a PayPal account to do this.

The PayPal address to send to is: app@pathfinderireland.com

PAI Membership renewals for the year 2013 are now due.  Membership fees remain unchanged for this year at 25.00.

You're probably wondering why you should take out membership of the PAI. Well if your Dutch membership has now lapsed you will need PAI membership in order to jump at Pathfinder Commemoration drops and jump at Pathfinder courses as a casual jumper.

When you originally did your PF course in Holland you would have received Dutch Parachute Association membership as part of the course which would have covered you to jump in most countries. In order to carry on jumping in Holland, France, etc. you have to have a recognised National Parachute Association membership card.

For example if you plan to jump at Arnhem in September you will need this card, the easiest and cheapest one to get is from the PAI. 

These aren't rules made up by Pathfinder Group but are International Jump Regulations.

If you wish to apply for PAI membership details on doing so can be sent to you from either myself or Stewart.

If you are currently receiving the main Pathfinder Group Newsletter you will be aware of the many jump events taking place this year. There will be various Pathfinder Ireland Members attending these events and if you would also like to attend any event confirm with Roy.

I have various sizes of our t-shirts available in Maroon with our crest embroidered on it. If anyone would like to order one drop me an email, they are 25.00 each.  

That's it for the moment, apologies that most of this has been about asking you for cash.

All the best,