Hi Folks,

Happy New Year to you all and blue skies for 2014 wherever you find yourselves.


Now that the jump season for 2014 has begun I'd like to remind any of our members whose membership has lapsed to give some thought to renewing for another year as membership renewal is due this month.

I understand that money can be tight for everyone but our membership fee is reasonable at Ä30.00 for one year.

This fee entitles you to partake in all Pathfinder Group special jumps such as Arnhem and all Pathfinder jump courses. Unfortunately if you are not up to date in membership you cannot put yourself forward for any future Pathfinder Group jump events.

Your membership fee is used primarily to purchase equipment for our club that as a Pathfinder Ireland member you can have access to use. This equipment includes an MC1-1C main canopy, reserve, packing equipment, and which with sufficient notice can be jumped here in Ireland.

This means that you can get back in date in your own country without having to depend on travelling to Holland to do so.

None of what you pay as membership goes into our own pockets, it goes to the club to help us buy more equipment and a part of it also goes to the main group, Pathfinder UK, to help defray administration costs. 

If you are not in a position to renew your membership, or do not wish to, please let me know. If you do not want to renew your membership by the end of January I'll take it that you are happy to be removed from the Pathfinder Group mailing list for newsletters etc.
, and Facebook member's pages.

If you want to renew your membership it can be done via PayPal at this address: app@pathfinderireland.com

*NOTE: You do not need a PayPal account to pay your membership by this method.

With your payment please say who it's from, and that itís for Pathfinder membership renewal.



Membership renewals for the year 2014 are now due. Membership fees for this year at Ä35.00.

You're probably wondering why you should take out membership of the PAI. Well if your Dutch membership has now lapsed you will need PAI membership in order to jump at Pathfinder Commemoration drops and jump at Pathfinder courses as a casual jumper.

When you originally did your PF course in Holland you would have received Dutch Parachute Association membership as part of the course which would have covered you to jump in most countries. In order to carry on jumping in Holland, France, etc. you have to have a recognised National Parachute Association membership card.

For example if you plan to jump at Arnhem in September you will need this card, the easiest and cheapest one to get is from the PAI. 

These aren't rules made up by Pathfinder Group but are International Jump Regulations.

If you want to renew your PAI membership contact me and I  will give you the details


This year there are two major jump events that Pathfinder will be jumping at, they are the 70th anniversaries of D Day and Operation Market Garden.

To anyone who already hasnít jumped at Normandy or Arnhem I strongly recommend you do so this year.

Given that 2014 is the 70th for both commemorations they will be major occasions and attending will be a great experience for you.

As the Veterans are becoming fewer itís not likely that you will have the same opportunity again to attend commemoration drops on this scale.

Once again Iíd like to wish you all a great 2014 and see you on the DZ.